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Rather amazing, may she Rest In Peace. Hester Ford, oldest living American, dies at 115.

As someone who has paid attention to law enforcement accountability since the LAPD Officer(s) Involved Shooting of Eula Mae Love in 1978, I find this column both careful and compelling as well as very difficult to refute. ⁦@EmpowerCongress⁩

The American Rescue Plan will provide financial help to millions of Americans, lowering health care costs and making it easier to get insured. Learn about your options at #GetCovered2021

The #AmericanRescuePlan will not only put more money towards Medicaid, but will also give millions more Americans the opportunity to get covered with affordable health coverage. If you are uninsured, learn more at #GetCovered2021

When we envision a Right to Housing, we envision implementing a framework that holds our local government accountable for preventing our neighbors from losing their homes and helping those that have. #Right2Housing #EndHomelessness [1/2]