Women for MRT: California NOW’s Endorsement for Council District 10!

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More than half of the people in Los Angeles are women and girls, and effective leadership not only empowers them but heeds their voices and takes action to address their concerns.

This is the work of California National Organization for Women (NOW), which seeks to empower women in all environments from home to school and work, and also aims to eliminate systemic societal, and cultural oppression women face, such as income inequality.

Nury Martinez
City Council President Nury Martinez supports MRT for City Council.

And recognizing that Mark Ridley-Thomas is an ally and leader committed to achieving full equality for women and girls, the Califia NOW Chapter of Greater Los Angeles PAC is standing behind Mark Ridley-Thomas (MRT) for City Council.

“California-National Organization of Women’s Local Chapter California NOW of Greater Los Angeles PAC supports Mark Ridley-Thomas for City Council because he has the courage to stand up for what he believes in – which is best summarized as EQUALITY. Mark has proven that he’s not afraid to stand up to the powerful to fight alongside us on behalf of women and disadvantaged communities,” says Califia NOW Chapter spokesperson.

This is also evidenced by his support of the Commission on the Status of Women as County Supervisor and his work that continues to be recognized by women-focused organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles African American Women PAC.

MRT has also advocated for working women throughout his career — one reason why he has earned support from California’s two women Senators — Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Kamala Harris.