Why I’m Running

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I’m running for City Council because there are serious challenges facing us as a city, and I believe that my experience and skill set make me the candidate best equipped to serve the people of the 10th District.

There is no place in the world like Los Angeles.

That’s true even in the time of COVID-19, and even in this time of uncertainty and anxiety.

But we can’t be all we are supposed to be when thousands of Angelenos are unsheltered and homeless. We can’t fulfill the goal of a just society for all until we have an inclusive and equitable system that treats everyone with dignity.

Here’s my plan for the 10th District.

My number one priority is addressing the homelessness crisis.

Now, there are many components to addressing that problem.

We must house people who have become houseless, but to keep those in their homes who now are risking eviction.

If we don’t protect renters, we can’t solve homelessness.

We must shore up mom and pop landlords — not the corporate giants and banks.

And I believe that I’ll be able to bring the County and City together to work on this in a way that they have not yet done.

Second, I will focus on law enforcement accountability. It’s time to re-imagine our system of public safety.

For example, we know there are tasks we have the police doing that would be better fulfilled by social workers and mental health experts.

We know that we need a care first, jails last approach to public safety. That means investing in alternatives to incarceration like behavior health and recuperative care centers.

So, I have a plan for the 10th District.

And we cannot let up on other fronts, such as funding for the arts, and protecting the environment.

Our state is experiencing wildfires of unprecedented size and fury.

We must be proactive.

These are not far-fetched goals. I know, because working with communities, I have helped build thousands of units of affordable housing.

I know we can make the 10th District a beautiful, safe and secure home for us all.

I am honored to have the endorsements of Governor Gavin Newsom, Congresswoman Karen Bass, and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris.

But it’s no less of an honor for me to have the support of nurses, grocery workers, firefighters and hotel workers.

Together we can turn the 10th District into a model for the entire city, and I would be honored to earn your vote too.