Why Dems Support MRT

Kudos to Vice President Joe Biden, who in these final days leading up to the general election, has ably shown the stark difference between Democratic leadership and the damaging incompetence of President Donald Trump.

  • On COVID-19: If the nation had had competent leadership in Washington, our children would be in school, our small businesses back up and running, and the coronavirus pandemic under control. Instead, under Trump’s leadership, the nation is floundering.
  • On Healthcare: Democrats put forth and passed a healthcare plan under President Obama, and Biden would build on that, supporting a public option to increase competition and expand coverage. Trump and the Republicans? They have nothing to show after 10 years of promises.

Over and again we have seen one candidate with experience, know-how and a record of getting things done pitted against an opponent who cannot  discuss the issues so has stooped to personal attacks and low blows.

At the local level, it is much the same. But true to form, Los Angeles Democrats aren’t buying dirty politics and personal attacks here either.

After a rigorous examination of both MRT’s and his opponent’s positions, Democrats in Los Angeles Council District 10 have awarded him overwhelming support. They did so based on both his record of achievement as well as his more progressive stands on issues such as ending homelessness, promoting healthcare, supporting law enforcement accountability and upholding a pro-growth agenda for affordable housing.

Erica Liepmann, President of LA County Young Democrats  recently spoke about her organization’s process and resounding support for MRT. The organization declares its support for a candidate after the Board interviews each candidate and makes a recommendation to the full membership. The members then vote on which candidate to endorse. For Council District 10, they voted to back MRT.

“I think our members recognize MRT’s  track record of accomplishment  and his approach to key issues that will fall on the shoulders of younger generations, such as housing and homelessness,” says Liepmann.

She added: “I think LACYD members respect how MRT has supported young people getting involved in public service.” Many LACYD members have pursued embarking on public service careers because of him.

“The L.A. County Democratic Party voted to endorse Mark Ridley-Thomas for City Council because he stands up for Democratic values. He is L.A. County’s leading voice demanding that homelessness be treated as a state of emergency — and he backs up his words with action,” said Mark Gonzalez, chair of the LA County Democratic Party. “MRT led the charge to pass Measure H, which has directly led to moving 35,000 people off the streets and into interim housing – and 18,000 into permanent housing. We need his experience and innovative leadership on the L.A. City Council, tackling our City’s most difficult challenges.”

MRT for CD10 is endorsed by:

  • Los Angeles County Democratic Club
  • Stonewall Young Democrats
  • Korean American Democratic Committee
  • Miracle Mile Democratic Club
  • Muslim Democratic Club of Los Angeles
  • Southern California Armenian Democrats
  • New Frontier Democratic Club
  • Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats
  • Democrats for Israel-Los Angeles
  • Southern California Armenian Democrats
  • Stonewall Democratic Club
  • Young Democrats of Los Angeles
  • Black Los Angeles Young Democrats
  • USC Young Democrats
  • Westside Young Democrats

“I am a proud Democrat,” said MRT. “Democrats listen to residents, work to improve our quality of life, get results, and yes, take the high road, the way Joe Biden has done throughout this campaign. As he said, character and values truly are on the line in this election.”