The American Rescue Plan is a big deal!

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Democrats in Congress have come together to pass the American Rescue Plan. The Trump tax cuts were designed by Republicans to give tax breaks to the wealthy, but this very popular plan is designed for middle class and low-income Americans.

This plan not only includes $1,400 checks to most Americans to complete the $2,000 promise Democrats made last year, but it also includes an unemployment benefits extension to help people struggling through the pandemic, more funds to ramp up COVID vaccine rollout everywhere, increased child tax credits for families, and help for renters, health insurance premium help for low and middle income Americans, and much more.

Economists estimate the American Rescue Plan will boost economic growth this year to the highest level in decades, and reduce the number of Americans living in poverty by a third!

Percent change in after-tax income

More about the American Rescue Plan:

Not a single Republican voted for this plan, which shows where their priorities are. They are more than happy to shower trillions upon the rich, but struggling Americans are their last priority.

If we had not flipped Georgia’s two Senate seats in January by electing Senators Warnock and Ossoff, this plan would be dead on arrival. Your vote matters, and Democrats deliver for the people.