Thank you.

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Thank you to all my supporters, volunteers, staff, friends, and family.

I took nothing for granted in this campaign, but the one thing I knew was that if we got the word out about all the work we’ve done together — we would succeed.

Like everyone living in these times of COVID-19, we had to do things differently. Instead of knocking doors, we zoomed together. We had virtual house parties instead of meeting in living rooms, and we held important conversations on social media.

Tonight’s story will be framed as an experienced elected official returning to City Council, but that’s only half the story. It’s not just about me. We are going there together. I’m going there with community leaders working to tackle homelessness, reform law enforcement, support the arts in our community and create a more just and fairer Los Angeles.

So tomorrow the work begins. But tonight, let me express how much your hard work and belief in my candidacy are truly and deeply appreciated. I look forward to working with the 10th District residents.