Supported by the grassroots

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There are many reasons why Mark Ridley-Thomas is supported for City Council by grassroots activists, nurses, environmental groups, and the L.A. County Young Democrats. Here are a few:

✅ Mark stepped forward to take action on the homelessness crisis at the County level by organizing the most effective initiative to date, helping 30,000 people off the streets and into housing with supportive services.

✅ To address climate change, Mark co-authored California’s groundbreaking Global Warming Solutions Act. He earned Freshman of the Year honors from the environmental groups and in his last term he was recognized for having a 100% Sierra Club voting record.

✅ Mark led the successful fight to create the Citizens Oversight Commission, establishing greater accountability for the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, leading to a substantial reduction in incidents of excessive force.

✅ Mark is widely recognized as the founder of the neighborhood empowerment movement in Los Angeles, giving the people a greater say in decisions made downtown.

It's time we send an organizer back to City Hall