Not just another crosswalk

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The neighbors and members of the New Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church community were faced with a problem. It was simply unsafe to cross the street at the intersection of El Segundo Boulevard and Towne Avenue, and they were not getting satisfactory answers from the Transportation Department. Children in the neighborhood, local church-goers, seniors, and all other pedestrians were at risk.
MRT brings people together to get things done

Then they contacted Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who brought the community together to make the case for signal lights and better crosswalks to make the neighborhood safer. Nobody was surprised that he got the job done, because it is understood that no challenge is too big or too small for Ridley-Thomas. He did the same to make intersections safer in the West Adams neighborhood and one near a local elementary school.

Yes, he is recognized by Governor Gavin Newsom as the most effective leader in Southern California in the effort to tackle the homelessness crisis. That’s why the Governor appointed Ridley-Thomas to co-chair his statewide task force. Yes, the California League of Conservation Voters supports him for City Council because of his leadership on the environment and climate change.

And yes, firefighters and nurses support Ridley-Thomas because of his leadership in improving our emergency hospital and trauma care network. But Mark Ridley-Thomas also makes the time to focus on the nuts and bolts of local government, the things that make our neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life. Like crosswalks.