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Mark Ridley-Thomas is without question the most qualified candidate in the race for CD10, having served on the City Council, in the State Legislature and on the Board of Supervisors. But it’s not his length of service that has attracted such strong support from young community leaders. The experience that matters most to them is his track record of working in partnership, in mentorship and for the empowerment of a generation of young leaders.

Many of MRT’s signature achievements, building the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, bringing civilian oversight to the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, growing the Empowerment Congress, and creating miles of park space and thousands of units of affordable housing, have been accomplished with some of Los Angeles’ most experienced, talented and visionary young progressives.

Their support for MRT during this City Council District 10 race is a product of this collaborative work. Here are some of them in their own words:

“I’ve come to know Mark Ridley-Thomas through our long and arduous battle to get civilian oversight over the largest Sheriff’s Department in the country. Mark understands the power of organizing, the necessity of justice, and he’s someone who is willing to show up.”

Mark-Anthony Clayton-Johnson
Community Organizer

“MRT makes sure our community is part of the discussion as policy decisions are made. He believes in building inclusive coalitions – and the next generation of diverse leaders. Mark Ridley-Thomas is the leader we need to move us through this difficult time.”

Cassandra Chase
Community Advocate

“Mark Ridley-Thomas stands for the values I stand for: racial justice, workers’ voice, and economic justice for all communities. He makes space for progressive voices, and gets things done.”

Lola Smallwood Cuevas
Community Organizer

“We need MRT for District 10 because he inspires me, as
a millennial, to continue to fight in the streets, he inspires me to lift up my voice for change, he inspires me to show up and fight for my community. And I know we can win and we will win with MRT at the helm.”

Reverend Eddie Anderson

On this eve of the election, it’s important to remember that MRT is not just running against one opponent; he is running for and with a pool of young talent that partners, propels and produces outstanding results on the issues that matter most to our community.