Mark Ridley-Thomas is the only candidate with a proven record protecting the environment and combating climate change

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Mark Ridley-Thomas is the only candidate for CD10 with a proven record of protecting the environment, standing up to Big Oil for residents and combating climate change. His legislative record earned him a 97% approval rating by environmental groups, and he’s the leader we need now that our air, water and natural surroundings are under threat.

EndorsedClean air, pure water, open space and homes safe from toxic substances are the right of all Angelenos – of all people. So, how do we take action on these overarching environmental rights?

First, we have to keep our streets and alleys clean. Innovative ideas about the environment can’t take the place of excellent city services that make for a higher quality of life.

Then we need to instill a culture of green building and green development in the district and the entire City. At the County, every new public building developed in the second supervisorial district was designed to be environmentally sustainable, and that should be pattern and practice the 10th District as well.

Together we can work to mobilize public-private partnerships to reduce the energy consumption of existing public buildings and residences, including weatherization work and the installation of solar panels.

Here are some of the steps I’ve taken to protect the environment and increase our open space:

  • Created the 13-mile Park-to-Playa hiking and biking trail due to open this year
  • Developed the 6.6-mile Rail-to-River biking and walking path
  • Forced the reduction of oil drilling in the Baldwin Hills and throughout the City of Los Angeles
  • Led the takeover of a local water company that was providing polluted water to customers

LA is heating up, but there are things we can do to address this climate crisis. The City has a solid Sustainability Plan, and the most critical strategies to be implemented include:

  • Invest in upgrading our infrastructure and buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and simultaneously create thousands of green jobs.
  • Increase the tree canopy in every 10th District neighborhood, and install more cool roofs. We must reinvest in both the public and private building stock to make sure our facilities and homes are updated to adapt to our climate crisis, and we can create local green jobs in the process.
  • Improve access to local sources of healthy food with high-quality grocery stores and support for urban garden and farming initiatives.
  • Implement Vision Zero strategies to make the streets of the 10th District safer and more accessible for walkers and bikers, and create safe and more accessible parks and open spaces.We need MRT's leadership