Gavin Newsom, moving California forward

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In 2018, 7,721,410 Californians chose Gavin Newsom as California’s next Governor.

I endorsed Gavin Newsom in 2018 because I knew he would act on California’s homeless crisis. As he put it, “Governors have not campaigned on homelessness, governors haven’t talked about homelessness, that’s about to change…”

As Governor, he issued a clear call to communities and sectors across California to stand with him and take shared responsibility — and we are ready to meet his charge.

I was honored to be appointed co-chair of his Homeless and Supportive Housing Advisory Task Force, and I applauded the Governor for being laser-focused on investing unprecedented resources to combat this moral and civic crisis while demanding accountability, transparency and results.

Now in this time of pandemic, we have divisive forces attacking our Governor and our state, distracting from the crisis and holding back our efforts to recover.

I oppose the recall efforts and support our Governor’s efforts to end this pandemic, end homelessness, end child poverty, create more good-paying jobs, and build more housing to address the state’s severe housing shortage and affordability crisis.