Democrats Unite Behind Mark Ridley-Thomas

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At its December 10th meeting, the Los Angeles Democratic Party overwhelmingly endorsed the Supervisor to fill the 10th District City Council seat.

The party endorsement comes on the heels of key endorsements by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Los Angeles County Young Democrats and the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City.

The support from some of the city’s most engaged voters and committed community leaders also demonstrates broad consensus about the immediate priorities and challenges facing CD10 and the City: homelessness, housing affordability, economic opportunity, transportation and environmental sustainability.

“The L.A. County Democratic Party voted to endorse Mark Ridley-Thomas for City Council because he stands up for Democratic values. He is L.A. County’s leading voice demanding that homelessness be treated as a state of emergency — and he backs up his words with action.

“Ridley-Thomas led the charge to pass Measure H, which has directly led to moving 35,000 people off the streets and into interim housing – and 18,000 into permanent housing. We need his innovative leadership on the L.A. City Council, tackling our City’s most difficult challenges,” said L.A. Democratic Party Chairman Mark Gonzalez.

When considered along with endorsements issued by the Central City Assn. of Los Angeles and SEIU721, which also have officially backed the Supervisor, the wave of support illustrates a deep-seated belief in the necessity for proven leadership and experience to serve the district.

“We have work to do,” Ridley-Thomas said. “We must bring everyone who is homeless into safe, secure housing; we must deal with the economic forces pushing people out of their homes and communities,” Ridley-Thomas said. “We must continue to create high-paying jobs and economic opportunity for our residents, and we must do all of this with a commitment to safeguarding our environment and natural resources.

“My promise is to do this by engaging the communities and neighborhoods of the 10th Council District and working not just on behalf of, but alongside each and every one of my constituents.”