Center of the nation’s bioscience industry

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Los Angeles is poised to become the center of the nation’s bioscience industry, and the 10th District should become the destination for bioscience incubators, researchers and businesses as one component of a larger economic development strategy for the district.

What is bioscience? It is a catch-all word for the multi-disciplinary sciences of life. It touches on the creation of medicines and diagnostic equipment, cures for illnesses and innovations around food — everything that helps people improve and sustain health and wellness.

Take the trailblazing work to treat sickle cell anemia by Dr. Yutaka Nihara, a researcher at LA BioMed, which is located on the Harbor-UCLA Medical Campus. Dr. Nihara developed a new sickle cell drug that was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, bringing hope to thousands of sufferers locally and throughout the country. That’s bioscience.

Bioscience is a unique economic engine, already generating billions of dollars of economic activity annually in Los Angeles. That includes 70,000 direct jobs and 160,000 indirect jobs with the potential for thousands more. It is a field replete with diverse opportunities from top to bottom. In fact, during the Great Recession, only the field of bioscience didn’t contract. In fact, it grew by 12 percent!

In the 10th District, we have everything we need to be a bioscience success either within the district or nearby — world-class academic institutions, recognized leaders in the fields of science and medicine, and entrepreneurs looking to form public-private partnerships. More importantly, we have under-utilized real estate perfectly located and suited for development. Working together we can bring this powerful economic engine to our community.